Nightingale’s Lamp

Nightingale’s Lamp was named for the lamp of Florence Nightingale, a beacon of comfort and kindness and gentleness and courage, and an unswerving devotion to duty in the dark nights of hospitals during the Crimean war. Similarly, Nightingale’s Lamp exists as a forum to seek and provide comfort, kindness, support.

We work to foster the health and well-being of women and adolescent girls around the globe, and provide a space for them to form lasting connections with like-minded individuals without the constraints of geography. Members of Nightingale’s Lamp know they are not alone in their troubles and struggles, whatever those may be. Members support each other, and help each other to see how they can shape their lives and societies into what they want them to be.

We are a closed space, with membership by invitation only, in order to preserve and foster a supportive environment. Questions about membership should be sent to

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